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Travel Reimbursement

Travel Packet

Submit your Travel Packet to your office Coordinator.

  • Travel Authorization Form (signed by your director)

  • Your conference / event agenda

  • Original receipts (due within 10 days after your trip)

  • Printout of your destination's per diem rate


Traveler Resources

Mileage Rate, as of 2019

$0.58 per mile

Travel Manual Download


Watch the Video – Travel Advance & Reimbursement

Before Travel

  • Get the complete Travel Packet from the traveler.

  • Purchase airfare trip insurance when possible.

  • Always request the government rates when booking hotels.

  • T- CARD TIP: When you book hotels with a T-Card, get a Credit Card Authorization Form from the hotel. The traveler can use it at check-in instead of a credit card.


After Travel

  • Get original receipts from the traveler. (For missing receipts, use a Director's memo.)

  • Within 10 days after travel, enter the Oracle Expense Report and wait for the approval email notification.

  • Within 15 days after travel, forward the approval email and attach an electronic copy of the Travel Packet (including receipts) to

  • Keep the original travel expense records on hand for the 6 year retention period.


BRC iExpense Resources

Oracle EBS Knowledge Center

    Set-up EBS Notifications:
    • Step 1: Set EBS Notifications: "HTML with attachments"
    • Step 2: Set your King County email address as "Preferred" in PeopleSoft

Pre-Pay with T-Card

Use it to book airfare and hotels.


Watch the Video – Travel Advance & Reimbursement

For the Travel Authorization Approver

  • Watch the video to review policy requirements

  • Approve the Traveler's authorization form

  • Return to sender
    (within 5 days of travel for cash advance)



For the Expense Report Approver

Watch the Video: Travel Authorization Form – Approver Guidance

Cash Advance (optional)

Submit your signed Travel Authorization Form to at least 5 business days before your trip.


WARNING: The cash advance will accrue interest daily unless all conditions are met:

  • The Traveler submits the Travel Packet (including receipts) to your Coordinator within 10 days after travel.
  • The Traveler pays back unused funds within 15 days after travel. Send check to CNK-ES-0323. Write the expense report number on the check memo line.
  • The Coordinator sends the expense report approval email and an electronic copy of the Travel Packet (including receipts) to Accounts Payable within 15 days after travel.

Reimbursement Guide

PRO TIP: Send frequent travelers with their own P-Card to limit out-of-pocket costs and reimbursement claims.


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