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Important News

All non-essential work-related travel should be cancelled at this time. This includes previously approved travel. Essential travel is permitted for fully vaccinated employees, but must be approved prior to travel.

Travel is essential if it is required to support critical life, health, and safety functions and cannot be delayed or handled remotely. These exceptions will be rare and must be approved by both the employee’s department director and the Chief People Officer.

For more information, please contact your department's Human Resources Manager.

NOTE: All local mileage and parking expenses will continue to be processed in iExpense. Click here for more info.
  1. Review Policy & Travel Guide
  2. Concur Login Page
  3. Set up Travel Profile (PDF)
    1. Log in to Concur
    2. Click on "Profile," located at top right
    3. Click on "Profile Settings"
    4. Click on "Personal Information" to fill out (see link for detailed instructions)
  4. Assign a delegate to help with creating reports (Concur PDF / video)

Delegates - Act as a delegate (Concur PDF / video)

Request a Travel Card

  1. Gather estimates for air, hotel, transportation, etc. Have PDF of agenda for conference/training, include any additional documentation. (PDF)
  2. Create travel request (PDF)
  • Book travel in Concur - Your travel request must be fully approved in Concur before booking. Please note your Request ID when ready to book.
  • King County's contracted travel agency is Tangerine Travel
  • Capturing receipts via Concur app on iPhone (Concur PDF / video)
  • Capturing receipts via Concur app on Android (Concur PDF / video)
  • King County's contracted travel is Tangerine Travel
  • Sick or injured while traveling? Please notify your manager and Risk Management
  • Create expense report from approved travel request (PDF)
  • Concur expense report tutorials:
    • Itemize hotel (Concur PDF / video)
    • Missing receipt affidavit (Concur PDF / video)
    • Meals per diem/travel allowance (Concur PDF / video)
  1. Concur Login Page
  2. Review Policy & Travel Guide
  3. Approve
    • Travel Request (PDF)
    • Expense Report (PDF)
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