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Travel Services

Travel Services

for King County employees

NOTE: Mileage and parking expenses related to Day Travel (i.e. no overnight stay) will continue to be processed in iExpense.  Click here for more info.

Travel Resources

  1. Review Policy & Travel Guide
  2. Concur Login Page
  3. Set up Travel Profile (PDF)
    • Log in to Concur
    • Click on "Profile," located at top right
    • Click on "Profile Settings"
    • Click on "Personal Information" to fill out (see link for detailed instructions)
  4. Assign a delegate to help with creating reports (Concur PDF / video)

Delegates - Act as a delegate (Concur PDF / video)

Request a Travel Card

  1. Gather estimates for air, hotel, transportation, etc. Have PDF of agenda for conference/training, include any additional documentation (PDF)
  2. Create travel request (PDF)
  3. Requirements for personal travel (PDF)
  • Book travel in Concur - Your travel request must be fully approved in Concur before booking. Please note your Request ID when ready to book. (PDF)
  • King County's contracted travel agency is Tangerine Travel
  • Capturing receipts via Concur app on iPhone (Concur PDF / video)
  • Capturing receipts via Concur app on Android (Concur PDF / video)
  • King County's contracted travel is Tangerine Travel
  • Sick or injured while traveling? Please notify your manager and Risk Management
  • Create expense report from approved travel request (PDF)
  • Concur expense report tutorials:
    • Itemize hotel (Concur PDF / video)
    • Missing receipt affidavit (Concur PDF / video)
    • Meals per diem/travel allowance (Concur PDF / video)
  1. Concur Login Page
  2. Review Policy & Travel Guide
  3. Approver Responsibilities (PDF)
  4. Approve
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