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Vendor Payment Options (in order of preference)

P-Cards are King County's preferred way to pay for almost everything (with a few exceptions). 

P-Cards are fast and easy to use. Just like a regular credit card, vendors are paid immediately. Our P-Card program offers the best fraud protection, and tracks spending for individual cards or your entire agency. 


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Payment Plus is an optional electronic payment method. Items requisitioned using a purchase order (PO) are paid electronically. This is an ideal solution for purchases that can't use a P-Card.

Best of all, vendors get paid fast (net 20).


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ACH payments transfer funds directly to a vendor's bank account. 

However, the vendor must wait until after the invoice has been processed to receive payment (Net 30). For the faster payment options, we recommend P-Card or Payment Plus.

Wire payments are NOT a preferred payment method. As good stewards of taxpayers' money, we avoid this expensive payment method whenever possible.

However, King County can electronically wire funds to a vendor if no other means of payment are available.

Paper checks are NOT a preferred payment option. As good stewards of tayxpayer money, we are committed to using more efficient and eco-friendly payment methods whenever possible.

However, King County can pay vendors via a paper check on a case-by-case basis.

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