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#1 Reassign requisitions when your staff changes

Requisitions can only be updated by the person who prepared it. When staff leave, you'll need to reassign their requisitions (and POs) to prevent inaccurate budgets and late payments.

We recommend you check all open POs quarterly:

  • Run BI Publisher Report PO025 or PO107 to identify open POs.
  • Check the report for inactive staff listed as the Preparer.
  • Submit a Requisition Transfer Form to reassign open POs to current staff.

 Video: Reassign Requisitions


Video: How to run a BI Report 

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#2 Enter receipts for your purchases ASAP

You must enter receipts in Oracle EBS to complete the 3-way match. If a purchase is "Invoiced not Received" that means that Central Accounts Payable has received the invoice and matched the purchase order, but payment cannot be released to the supplier because receipts for the purchase have not been entered into iProcurement. 

  • Enter receipts for your purchases as they are received.
  • Forward the Oracle alerts to the employee entering receipts
  • (if the requisitioner is not the receiver).

  • Check for duplicate requisitions; the invoice or receipt might be linked to the wrong PO.

 Video: Always Enter Receipts


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#3 Invoices must have a PO Number for AP Match

Oracle EBS requires 3-way matching between the PO, invoice, and receipt. Always check that invoices have a PO number before sending them to Central Accounts Payable for payment.

  • Central AP will try to identify your Agency from the invoice.
  • Any invoice that cannot be identified is returned to Supplier.
  • Suppliers will then send a duplicate, possibly past due invoice.

  • Avoid duplicate requisitions.

 Video: Invoice Received, No AP Match

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#4 Research past-due payments to avoid duplicate requisitions

If a payment is past due, always research the PO, invoice or receipt for mistakes before creating a new (possibly duplicate) requisition. Also check to see if the payment was made using a P-Card.

If you receive a duplicate or past due invoice:

  • Check to see if there is an approved requisition.
  • Did a PO generate from the approved requisition?
  • Contact a Buyer/Contract Specialist for help if a PO did not generate.

  • Check the P-Card daily transaction report to see if paid on P-Card.

 Video: Avoid Duplicate Reqs, Research Past-due Invoices (KC Employees)

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#5 How to correctly return items to the supplier

Always enter receipts in Oracle for anything that was delivered, even if it needs to be returned. If you've purchased an item you need to return you must formally log a return using the "return to supplier" feature.

  • Enter receipts in iProcurement.
  • Request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) & Credit Memo from vendor.
  • Process the return in iProcurement.

Video: Return to Supplier vs. Correcting Receipts

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