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Goods & Services RFx Contract Template
Contract Amendment Template 

What is a Technical Consultant? 

Technical Consulting Services may include audits, appraisals, ecological studies, market research, and other types of consulting (A&E consultants use a different type of contract).

Solicitations typically emphasize Technical Consultants' qualifications, their approach to a specific scope of work, their previous work experience, and a proposed price to provide the services. These evaluation criteria will help you select the best consultant for the job.

Who conducts the procurement?

  • A Request for Proposal (RFP) under $50,000 is procured with the assistance of Procurement & Payables.

  • An RFP over $50,000 is advertised and procured through Procurement & Payables Section.

  • You may use a waiver in limited circumstances.

  • You can also use a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process. RFQs are designed to find the contractor who is most qualified to perform a service, with the scope of work unspecified at the time of solicitation. RFQs are also used to establish a "pool" of qualified firms that can perform specific services using Work Orders.

After you've chosen your preferred contractor, your department will work with Procurement & Payables to execute a Goods & Services RFx contract.

We can help! 

We can assist your department with contract templates, forms and procedures.

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