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Read the Emergency Procurement Plan 

The Finance and Business Operations Division (FBOD) has developed a comprehensive plan to continue providing critical services to employees and departments in the event of a pandemic influenza emergency in the county.

Procurement & Payables will assist all departments in putting contracts in place for the majority of their daily operating needs.

Procurement & Payables buyers create contract purchase agreements that allow departments and agencies to expedite frequent and reoccurring purchases, as well as reducing administrative lead-time. Click here for a listing of available contracts.

Contract Agreements can be established in several ways:

  • Conducting a competitive bid process,
  • "Piggy-backing" a State of Washington contract, or
  • Utilizing a proprietary Waiver (when applicable).

There could be other extenuating circumstances for establishing a contract. For example, the Executive may issue a determination of an existing emergency. Such an emergency may result from fire, flood, explosion, storm, earthquake, epidemic, riot or insurrection. There may also be a requirement to immediately preserve order or public health, or restore to a condition of usefulness any public property that has been damaged or destroyed or where delay will result in financial loss to the County. See the Emergency Declaration Procurement Process document.


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