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How to get rid of rats

How to get rid of rats and mice

  • How to file a complaint about rats
  • Learn about how to keep rats away from your home
  • Learn about what kind of food attracts rats
  • Methods on how to kill a rat
  • Download brochures in multiple languages
Pet business regulations

Pet business regulations

  • Types of facilities that need a permit
  • Change of ownership information
  • How to get a permit
  • Fact sheets and infection control plans
  • Brochures, signs and posters
Zoonotic Disease program

Zoonotic diseases

  • Zoonotic disease fact sheets
  • Animal disposal guidelines
  • Brochures and publications
  • Resources for veterinarians
  • Rabies information
Rabies fact sheet

Rabies fact sheet

  • *Scroll down alphabetical list on linked page for info
  • Bats are the most common source of rabies in WA state
  • Be a responsible pet owner
  • Tips to avoid unfamiliar animals
  • Links to facts on animal bites, bat and human rabies
Bed bug fact sheet

Bed bug fact sheet

  • Detecting if you have bed bugs
  • Bed bug bite appearance
  • How bed bugs get into homes
  • Cleaning up and prevent bed bug infestations
  • About pest control services
West Nile virus facts

West Nile virus facts

  • Facts about West Nile virus (WNV)
  • Human effects of WNV infection
  • Mosquito control tips
  • Steps to prevent mosquito bites
  • Precautions when using mosquito repellents
Private goat ownership

Private goat ownership

  • Legal aspects to goat ownership
  • Learn how to prevent disease transmission
  • Learn about goat milk pasterization
  • Risks of disease from goat droppings
Avian influenza

Avian influenza (flu)

  • Learn the differences between avian, seasonal and pandemic flu
  • Facts about avian influenza
  • Learn about the new strain, H7N9
  • Considerations for travelers
  • Preparing for avian flu and pandemic flu
Swimmer's itch fact sheet

Swimmer's itch fact sheet

  • Learn about this itchy rash caused by parasites in lake water
  • Symptoms of the condition
  • Learn tips to reducing your risk