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You can take your class and test either online available 24/7 at any time or in-person every first Friday of the month. Please select your preferred method of training for full instructions:

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Food Protection Program
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About food worker cards

Some people refer to this permit as a food worker card and a food handler card. There is no difference as it's the same thing.
You may obtain a replacement Washington State food worker permit, if you meet the following conditions
  • Your lost permit hasn't yet expired. It is required to retake the class and test in full every time your permit expires.

  • You took your last class and test using our online training method at
    You can log back into your account to print off your card but will be charged $10 again using a credit card. Be sure to have a working printer hooked up to enable you to print the card after payment. You have up to 5 days after payment to log back in and print off as many copies as you need free of charge. After 5 days, you will be charged $10 again.

    – OR –

  • You took your last class and test at the Chinook Building, 401 5th Ave, Seattle.

    If the above is true, please arrive 30 minutes in advance of any class start time listed on the current class schedule, show photo ID and pay $10 cash. The class instructor will verify in their records at the class site if you are indeed eligible for a new permit and if so, a new permit will be issued to you with the same expiration date that is on record. You do not need to retake the class and test if your permit has not yet expired. 

    Note: If records indicate that your permit has expired, you can stay and take the class and test to obtain a new permit or return on a different day/time on the schedule however we do highly recommend obtaining a valid food worker permit immediately or take the class online at

How to get a replacement permit if you did not take your class and test at any of the above locations:

  • Call our Food Protection Program for assistance at 206-263-9566. If you get voicemail, please leave your name, phone number and where you took your last class.

  • If you obtained your last permit in a different Washington state county, you will need to contact the county health department serving that area for assistance.

  • Food worker permits obtained in different states and countries are not valid for work in Washington state.
Food worker cards obtained anywhere in Washington state are valid throughout the state. For example, if you got your permit in Skagit County, it is valid in King County and so on. Your food worker card is NOT valid for work in other states and likewise, food worker cards obtained in other states are not valid for work in Washington state due to varying differences in state laws on food safety.
  • 2 YEARS: If this is the first time you have gotten a food worker card

  • 3 YEARS: Your first food worker card is valid for 2 years, before your card expires you must take the food safety training class and pass the exam again. If you renew your card within 60 days prior to expiration date, then it is valid for 3 years.

  • 5 YEARS: If you have a current permit and can show that you have had 4 hours of food safety training that has been approved by the State of Washington. Learn more about approved food safety training.

All Washington state counties offer the same class, test and permit. The permit is also valid for work throughout the state. It is not valid in other states. If you are not in King County, please select the health department serving the county where you reside to learn more about in-class training offered in your area however many are adopting the same online/web-based training option we offer as well.

Important: You may discover other websites that appear to offer training and certification to obtain a valid Washington state food worker card. The only online class and test system approved by the Washington State Dept. of Health is located at

The class, either taken online or in-person, is required prior to taking the test including for renewal cards.

It is possible to pay for multiple people getting food worker cards obtained either online or through the in-person class. Payment can be made with check or credit card.

Instructions for group payment at our in-person classes:

If payment is made at the class location, everyone who passed the test will be issued their food worker permit before they leave. If you are unable to submit payment after the class and must do so later, mail your payment by check payable to Seattle-King County Dept. of Public Health and send to: 

Food Protection Program
401 5th Ave, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98104

Include with the payment a list of the names (First, Middle, Last) and the Date of Birth of all people who have passed the test and are being covered by the payment. Please also provide a return address so the permits can be mailed to you for distribution. 

You may also pay by credit card over the phone by calling the Food Protection office at 206-263-9566 and our staff will assist with the payment process and provide further instructions to obtain the list of people who passed the test.

Instructions for group payment using our online class:

Group payment for an online class is limited to 20 food worker cards. If you have a larger group, please contact Eyob Mazengia at 206-263-8437,

Students can take the class and test anytime, 24/7, whether at your location or individually at their convenience. After passing the test, the student does not need to pay for the permit right away. The system retains a record of 30 days that they completed the class and test. Within that timeframe, payment can be processed by sending a check by mail (see instructions above).