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Regulations and services for private well systems

Private wells

Public Health's goal is to prevent communicable disease and illness associated with drinking water from small public and individual private water systems.

Plumbing and Gas Piping Program

Plumbing and gas piping permits and resources

Applications, permits, guidelines and inspection services for professional plumbing and gas piping contractors and homeowners who wish to do their own plumbing work.

Wastewater Program for on-site sewage systems (OSS)

On-site sewage systems (OSS)

The Public Health Wastewater Program provides educational, advisory and permitting services for owners of on-site sewage systems (OSS) and certifications for several OSS professionals.

Pollution Identification and Correction Program (PIC)

Pollution Identification and Correction Program

Many King County lakes, streams, and beaches are dirty with poop, carrying the likelihood that there will be germs present and that means that people are more likely to get sick when they play in the water or eat shellfish from polluted waters. The Pollution Identification and Correction Program finds areas with poop pollution then looks at each possible source of poop to fix those that are causing pollution in this area.