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AEM is for individuals who have a qualifying medical emergency and do not qualify for any other Apple Health program due to citizenship/immigration requirements. This includes qualified aliens who have not met the 5-year and are not exempt from the 5-year bar, nonpregnant nonqualified aliens, and undocumented individuals.

To qualify for AEM, an individual must have or need at least one of the following:

  • A qualifying emergent medical condition such as emergency room care, inpatient admission, or outpatient surgery;
  • A cancer treatment plan;
  • Dialysis treatment;
  • Antirejection medication for a postorgan transplant; or on long-term care services (LTC)*;
  • Assessment and treatment for the COVID-19 virus**

Income qualifications are determined by the eligibility requirements and income listed below:

Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Medicaid, Processed by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA)

  • Individual is age 19 through 64
  • Individual is not eligible for Medicare; and
  • Follows MAGI rules established through the Healthplanfinder.
Total number
in family
including you
Monthly income limit for
free coverage
Annual income limit for
free coverage
1 $1,563 $18,754
2 $2,106 $25,268
3 $2,649 $31,781
4 $3,192 $38,295
5 $3,735 $44,809
6 $4,277 $51,332

Classic Medicaid, processed by the WA State Dept. of Social and Health Services

  • Individual is age 65 or older and is not a caretaker for a child under age 19;
  • Individual is eligible for Medicare; or
  • Individual is receiving long-term care services and not relatable to a MAGI program.
Single Eligible
Eligible Couple



Resources $2,000 $3,000

For application assistance, contact the Public Health Community Health Access Program (CHAP)
at 800-756-5437 or visit

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