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King County partners with InVerify, an Income and Employment Verification service, to meet all verification of employment needs. This ensures speedy, secure, auditable, and legally compliant responses that protect the personal information of our employees and meet the needs of verifiers more quickly.

In order to use the service, users will need to register as either a commercial entity, government entity, or employee. Services are free for employees and government entities, but require a standard fee for commercial purposes (i.e. banks, mortgage companies, financial institutions, prospective employers, landlords, etc.).

Users will also need:

  • The King County company code, which is 124500,
  • The employee’s SSN, and,
  • If verifying income, the employee's "Income Key," which must be obtained from the employee.


Visit or click above to get started.

  • Manage their “Income Key
  • Print a Verification of Employment “Express Letter”
  • View reports on their requestors
  • Print immigration letters
  • Receive dates of employment
  • Receive verification of income
  • Receive up to 3 years of salary history
For support or questions, please contact InVerify directly at 866-295-7363, or by email at