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 The Data Control Unit is responsible for receiving, entering, maintaining, transmitting, and relaying various types of information to, from, and between King County Sheriff's Office mobile units, other police agencies, police electronic files, paper records, and courts by means of radio, County, State, national and international criminal justice systems, telephone and other telecommunication devices:

  • Assures that locally generated information carried on County, State, national and international computer systems is complete, accurate and up to date by researching, entering, modifying, verifying, and deleting data in a timely manner.
  • Responds to information requests from police officers and criminal justice agencies via telephone, radio, computer, and fax machine.
  • Maintains electronic and paper files on wanted, missing, or dangerous persons; stolen property, warrants, and court orders.
  • Assists in identification of people and property by referring to and searching for information in electronic and paper files.
  • Respond to time sensitive inquiries via telephone, teletype, computer, fax machine, radio and in person from field officers and other law enforcement agencies. All requests for verifications are real-time and require a response within 10 minutes unless otherwise stated.  
  • Controls access to confidential information.