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Photography lab

Photography lab

The King County Sheriff’s Office Photo Lab provides imaging services, both digital and traditional, for the Sheriff’s Office and our regional partners. Some of the services the Photo Lab provides are film processing and print production, digital services, crime-scene photography, forensic imaging, studio photography, training, and publicity photography.  

Image Production:  The photographic laboratory produces both traditional and digital imagery in a variety of formats. The lab provides services for the technical section and field officers and investigators.

Crime-Scene Photography:  The photographic staff provides any photographic support needed by the investigators in a crime-scene investigation. This includes, but is not limited to, documenting the scene of the crime, evidence, and aerial photography.

Forensic Imaging:  With traditional and digital techniques, the photographers can analyze and document evidence for investigations.

Studio Photography:  With our state-of-the-art studio any type of photography can be done, from evidence to portraiture.

Training: Twice each year, a Photo Lab photographer will partner with the FBI for one week to instruct regional officers on the finer points of crime-scene photography. A one-day course is also taught quarterly.

Publicity Photos: 
The photo lab is responsible for all of the event and publicity photography for the Sheriff’s Office.