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Now there's a more affordable way to get to work, school, shopping, day care or anywhere else you need to go. It's ORCA LIFT, a new, reduced transit fare that can help you get more out of your public transportation system.

See if you qualify  Enrollment Locations

Once you qualify for the ORCA LIFT program, you'll receive an ORCA LIFT card registered to your name, with the same features every ORCA card has. You can load an E-purse value on your card to pay for trips one at a time, or load a discounted monthly pass that lets you take unlimited trips for an entire month. But what makes ORCA LIFT special is you have all the power and convenience of the ORCA card system at a fraction of the cost.

With the ORCA LIFT card, income-qualified riders can save up to 50 percent or more on:

  • King County Metro buses
  • King County Water Taxi
  • Community Transit buses
  • Everett Transit buses
  • Kitsap Transit buses
  • Seattle Center Monorail
  • Seattle Streetcar
  • Sound Transit Link light rail
  • Sound Transit Regional Express buses
  • Sounder Trains

How to get the ORCA LIFT card

Check the date on your ORCA LIFT card

If your card has expired or will expire within three months, you may apply to renew it. The income requirements for renewals are the same as for new cards.

How to get the ORCA LIFT card

Review income

Review your household income guidelines or call (206) 553-3000 or (800) 756-5437 to see if you qualify. Eligibility is based on your household income.

Apply in person

Apply at any one of the authorized enrollment offices around King County and get your free ORCA LIFT card at the same time.

Load and use

Load and use your ORCA LIFT card on transit like any other ORCA card user, and SAVE MONEY!

See if you qualify

Household income amount

People with household income of less than double the federal poverty level (as established by US Health and Human Services Department) qualify for ORCA LIFT.

200% of federal poverty level

Family Size Monthly
1 $2,147
2 $2,903
3 $3,660
4 $4,417
5 $5,173
6 $5,930
7 $6,687
8 $7,443

Age requirements

To get an ORCA LIFT card, you must be between 19 and 64 years of age. Children six through 18 are eligible for an ORCA youth card, which may be obtained free of charge by LIFT cardholders, and those 65 and older are eligible for a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card. People with disabilities may qualify for the RRFP card.

Enroll today!

If you think you qualify, visit one of the authorized ORCA LIFT enrollment offices with your income verification documents. The process takes just minutes. The office will confirm your eligibility, officially register you, and give you your free ORCA LIFT card.

As an alternative to ORCA LIFT, residents of Pierce, Snohomish, and King counties with incomes at or below 80% of the federal poverty level, and who are enrolled in one of six state benefit programs, may qualify for our subsidized annual pass program. This pass will pay 100% of your fares on select transit in our region.

Enrollment locations

Income verification documents

If you are already in one of the following benefits programs:

  • Apple Health/Medicaid recipients: ProviderOne medical services card.
  • Washington Basic Food Program recipients: EBT (electronic benefits transfer) Card.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients.

If you are in another defined benefits program:

  • Employment Security paystub or letter for applicants receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Award letters for SSI, Social Security, or Railroad Retirement recipients.
  • L & I statement for workers’ compensation recipients.

If you have no income:

  • Employment Security verification form.
  • With identification, Employment Security can verify that you received no income and are therefore eligible.

If you are employed

Employed (with a paycheck): Paystubs for the last 30 days.

Employed (paid in cash): Letter from the employer signed and dated with gross income for the client for the last 30 days; or a bank statement from you if you deposit your cash in their account.


Copy of your most recent tax return. Income is based on the modified adjusted gross income on your most recent tax return: Form 1040 line 37; Form 1040 A, line 21; Form 1040 EZ, line 4; or completion of the self-employment worksheet.

Apply for New or Renew your ORCA LIFT card

With an ORCA LIFT card you pay a discounted fare on all transportation systems that accept the LIFT fares until the expiration date, which is stamped on the back of the card. After the expiration your card will continue to work to pay your fares but you will be charged full fares.

You may apply for a new or to renew your card to continue getting the discounted fares. Income guidelines, 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, are the same as qualifications for new or renewed LIFT cards. There is no fee to order a new or to renew your card.

You may apply online if you are receiving benefits from the State of Washington, including food, medical, and/or cash benefits. A renewal card will be mailed to you if we are able to verify your benefits. Your online application will be processed in 7-10 business days.

Apply in person at one of the LIFT enrollment agencies. Bring proof of your income or benefits to one of the enrollment agencies and in most cases, you will receive your renewal card immediately.

If you are 65 or have a disability you may qualify for a Regional Reduced Fare Permit.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, the ORCA LIFT reduced fares are offered on:

  • King County Metro buses
  • King County Water Taxi
  • Community Transit buses
  • Everett Transit buses
  • Kitsap Transit buses
  • Seattle Center Monorail
  • Seattle Streetcar
  • Sound Transit Link light rail
  • Sound Transit Regional Express buses
  • Sounder Trains

All other ORCA participating agencies will accept the ORCA LIFT card, but the cardholder will pay the current standard adult fare for service provided by those agencies. You can pay that fare with your card’s E-purse value or PugetPass that you have loaded. If you use your PugetPass to pay, you will be credited the trip value of your PugetPass, and will have to make up the difference with E-purse value or cash. Transfers are accepted with the ORCA LIFT card up to the value of the initial fare you paid.

Cardholders can call 206-553-3000 for a current list of transit agencies that accept ORCA.

The ORCA LIFT card is good for up to 24 months (two years) from the time you get it. After that, you can reapply. Your card’s expiration date will be printed on the back of the card. If your card is expired, you will need to go to an ORCA LIFT enrollment office to get a new card issued for another two year time period.

Anyone who starts out qualified for the ORCA LIFT program can continue until their card expires. At that point they will need to reapply for the program and prove their continued eligibility.

Adult ORCA LIFT cardholders may get ORCA youth cards (age 6 – 18) free of charge.  ORCA youth cards pay the standard youth fare when boarding Metro vehicles.

ORCA LIFT cardholders may apply for a youth card at any ORCA LIFT enrollment agency. Agency staff can verify the child’s name and DOB, and the staff person’s signature is all that is needed to verify the child’s eligibility. The completed Youth ORCA LIFT form may be sent to the ORCA LIFT office, emailed or faxed. The youth card will be mailed to the cardholder.

Cardholders may also complete and mail a Youth ORCA LIFT form, along with proof of the child’s name and age, to the ORCA LIFT office. The youth card will be mailed to the cardholder. The Youth ORCA LIFT form is available at enrollment locations.

ORCA LIFT youth cards may also be obtained at the pass sales office or from ORCA-to-Go by providing a completed Youth ORCA LIFT form with either agency verification, verifying documents, or with the child. If the cardholder does not have the Youth ORCA LIFT Form, their ORCA LIFT card or other ID is needed.

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