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Traveling with other riders who share similar commutes lets you save time, save money on commuting costs, meet new people, enjoy some company on your commute, and helps smooth traffic flow.

Carpooling has changed and evolved to meet many needs—from the traditional and informal commuting with neighbors, co-workers and friends to more technology-driven rideshare apps you may join as a driver or rider so you don’t need a car to participate. For the latest ridesharing apps, use your favorite search engine to find the ones available in your area as well as check with your employer as they may promote specific vendors and often cover the costs of rides.

Metro’s long-range plan, recognizes the importance of shared mobility options, such as vanpools or carpools, to improve the efficiency of the transportation system. The plan envisions a future where on-demand carpooling programs are an important part of Metro's suite of transportation services, and calls for Metro to develop both ridesharing and park-and-ride options and partnerships with private companies to supplement transit service in King County.

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Sign up for a free account where you have access to dozens of commuters looking for a ride match just like you.

  • Service area: Live or work in Washington
  • Scheduling trips: Any time (generally ongoing carpools)
  • Cost for rider: Up to the rider/driver
  • Driver earnings: Up to the rider/driver
  • Incentives: Save time, money and vehicle wear-and-tear when you take turns driving.
  • Chose your rideshare partner: Choose between matches or restrict to co-workers
  • Safety features: Workplace verification
  • Languages: English, Spanish; translation services available by phone at 206-625-4500 (8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday)
  • WA Relay: Yes

Real-Time Rideshare

There are multiple vendors who have real-time rideshare options available. If you are interested, use the link below to find out what real-time rideshare options are near you.

Find options near you

Parking Locations

Search for a Park & Ride lot or Transit Center and select a meeting location for your carpool group.

Find parking near you

Metro Vanpool program fare schedules

Effective 10-1-19

What's included in your monthly fares?

Fuel, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance, Guaranteed Ride Home and toll-free roadways!

Questions? If you have fare-related questions, or need assistance calculating your fares, please have your van's bookkeeper contact your assigned Accounting Rideshare Service Rep. For recruiting questions or other support, contact King County's Commuter Van Program via email.

Please note: Fares resumed Oct. 1, 2020. Groups who are parked and not commuting may not drive the van, are not allowed personal use, excess miles and/or driver bonus miles at any time. Any driving must be for commute purposes and is charged at the full monthly rate.

Not sure who your Accounting Representative is? Please call anyone listed below for help or a referral.


Contact us

Local Calls: 206-625-4500
WA Relay: 711
Fax: 206-684-2166

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