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Adoptions process

How we help with the process and resources for learning more about adoption.

Each adoption is unique and begins with the purchase of an adoption packet.

Learn more about adoption packets

Frequently asked adoption services questions (280KB)

Confirmation of consent

There is an hourly cost for this service with a maximum fee of $500.

An adoption social worker checks the documentation and ensures that everyone involved is doing so on their own terms. The Adoption Confirmation of Consent Checklist (388KB) lists what will be looked into.

Learn about the Confirmation of Consent to Adopt (298KB) process with relinquishing birth parents, per Local Rule 93.04(g)

Fee reduction or waiver requests

For Confirmation of Consent fee reduction or waivers, please complete the Adoption Confirmation of Consent Fee Waiver - Reduction Request form (402KB) and provide proof of income to our office.

File review

Those involved in the case, or their attorneys, must notify our Adoption Services for adoption termination or finalization hearing. Send a copy of the Notice of Hearing or Note for Motion Docket at least 14 days before the hearing. You must also include a $15 payment with an in-state check or money order made out to Office of Financial Management. No additional documentation is required. Please deliver working copies as per usual.

Our Adoption Services check the adoption file and complete a checklist for the court. Parties or attorneys will be notified if there are any issues or missing documents in advance of the hearing. There may be additional needed documents to add or bring to the hearing. If Adoption Services has not been notified and a checklist has not been filled out, it will be up to the judicial officer to decide whether the hearing goes forward.

Post-placement reporters

During the course of your adoption, you may need a Post-Placement Reporter appointed to your case. Any social worker can provide Post-Placement Report services, as long as they follow the Washington law (RCW 26.33.200) pertaining to Adoptions and Post-Placement Reports.

We do not specifically recommend, endorse, or advertise any particular social worker on the Resource List for Post-Placement Reporters (171KB).