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About the King County Comprehensive Plan

Learn more about what the County Council's Comprehensive Plan covers and how updates work.

What does the plan do?

The plan is the guiding policy document for land use and development in unincorporated King County. It ensures compliance with the goals and requirements of the Growth Management Act. It also lets the County make policy adjustments that address changes in the community's growth and long-term needs.

The Comprehensive Plan covers regional services such as transit, sewers, parks, trails, and open space.

It also addresses the following services:

  • Where homes, offices, or stores can be built.
  • How roads, buildings, and trees contribute to the look and feel of neighborhoods.
  • Protection of working farms and forests.
  • Access to clean water, clean air, and a healthy environment.

Plan updates

King County Code (K.C.C. 20.18.030) allows for annual, midpoint, and 10-year updates to the Comprehensive Plan. The midpoint and 10-year updates consider broader policy changes and revisions to the Urban Growth Area.

Here's what the updates cover:

  • Annual update: Permits limited changes, technical corrections, adoption of subarea plans, and adoption of land use changes that do not amend the Urban Growth Area.
  • Midpoint update: An optional revision authorized for the fifth year of the 10-year cycle. It's limited to what's included in the motion describing the scope of work.
  • Ten-year update: A complete plan review and update, as mandated by Growth Management Act requirements.