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King County Council

The Metropolitan King County Council oversees the second largest government and the most populous county in Washington State. With more than 2.3 million residents, King County is the 12th largest county in the United States in terms of population. As the legislative branch, the Council sets policies, enacts laws, and adopts budgets that guide an array of services, including: the criminal justice system, the Sheriff’s Office, public health, human Services, Metro transit, wastewater treatment, regional parks, elections, and more.

Each Councilmember represents a geographical district averaging about 257,500 residents. They are elected on a non-partisan basis and serve four-year terms.


2024 KING COUNTY COUNCILMEMBERS – Back row: Claudia Balducci District 6, Jorge L. Barón District 4, Sarah Perry District 3, Rod Dembowski District 1, Teresa Mosqueda District 8, Peter von Reichbauer District 7. Front row: Reagan Dunn District 9, Dave Upthegrove District 5, Girmay Zahilay District 2.

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