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Search the legislative archive

Locate and view records adopted before January 2000.

About the legislative archive

The Council determines county policy. Under the County Charter, the Council exercises legislative authority by adopting the following:

  • Ordinances, which have the force of law
  • Motions, which make policy declarations but lack the force of law
The archive on this page includes PDF documents of all enacted ordinances and motions since 1969. Use legislative search if you need information about ordinances and motions adopted since January 1990.

How to search for legislation

All ordinances and motions receive an enacted number when adopted. You can find legislation in several different ways:

  1. Scroll through the results on this page.
  2. Use your web browser's search function: Windows: Control + f, Apple: Command + f. Enter the legislation number.
  3. Select the browser menu, which usually looks like three dots or three stacked lines. On the menu, select "Find" or "Find in Page."  Enter the legislation number.

If links are not displaying below, you may access the materials at