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Closing the Eastrail gap – 2024 RAISE application

Application for the 2024 Federal RAISE grant to close the final gap of the southern segment of Eastrail, crossing Interstate 90.
EasTrail bridge over Interstate 90 to connect Bellevue with Newcastle and Renton

Project overview

King County  has been awarded a $25 million 2024 Federal RAISE grant to close the final gap of the southern segment of the Eastrail, the I-90 trail segment. When complete the I-90 trail segment will provide safe travel between transit, jobs, and recreation in the fast-growing, regional economic centers of Renton, Bellevue, and beyond.

The project reconnects communities north and south of the I-90 highway by:

  • Retrofitting the existing steel bridge spanning sixteen lanes of traffic
  • Building 1.7 miles of new paved trail
  • Creating a safe connection to the 20-mile Mountains to Sound Greenway trail.

Closing the Eastrail gap provides access to 16 miles of non-motorized trails north through Bellevue, and 5 miles south to Renton and completes a critical link in Puget Sound's regional trail network.

The Eastrail is a partnership success story. Jurisdictions, non-profits, corporations, a regional transit agency, and a private utility within King County are working together to support corridor development, including the investment of $265M over the last 15 years to acquire the corridor and construct existing trail segments. The estimated cost to close the Eastrail gap is $49M (2029 dollars).

Questions? Please contact Shannon Arms, King County Project Manager.

Application materials