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Land donation

How to donate

King County offers several programs for private landowners who are considering more permanent protection of their lands:

Make a gift

You can donate all or a portion of your property to King County Parks. Please consult a tax professional about any potential tax benefits. King County Parks will review each potential donation to determine if the property is appropriate for acquisition into our inventory.

Establish a conservation easement

You can place a portion of your property under a conservation easement while retaining the underlying ownership. Easements permanently protect the natural resource and habitat values of the land and are monitored by King County Parks.

Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS)

A taxation program that offers incentives to landowners to voluntarily preserve open space, farmland or forestland on their property. Learn more.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)

This incentive-based program preserves rural and resource lands by providing landowners compensation without having to fully sell their land. Learn more.