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Soos Creek Trail

A couple and a person with two grey dogs stroll down the Soos Creek Trail between high green shrubbery

About the Trail

The Soos Creek Trail features a gentle grade in a natural setting suitable for leisurely strolls, bicycle rides and horse rides. A Connection to the Lake Youngs Trail (9 miles, unpaved) can be made along SE 216th St corridor.

The trail meanders through wetlands, gentle forest hills, and past local Gary Grant Park. A local favorite, you can find dog walkers, bird watchers, and people out for an easy stroll. Most of the trail is flat with slight hills in the more forested areas.

The trail has a soft-surface trail that parallels the length of the trail suitable for equestrians, runners that prefer dirt paths or mountain bikes. A heron rookery can be seen in the fall and winter once the leaves have fallen in the wetlands just south of the parking access on 148th Ave SE.