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Green Halloween

Tips and tricks for celebrating a green Halloween.

Carve a zero-waste pumpkin

Carve your pumpkins, don't paint them. Then afterwards you can put them in your yard waste cart or home compost bin. When carving, save your pumpkin seeds, and roast them! If you have a pumpkin-carving party with friends, do it outdoors if possible, masked and distanced.

Decorate with homemade crafts

Have a Halloween scavenger hunt, crafts activities or a Halloween movie marathon with just your household. The Washington State Department of Health offers these and many other Tips for a Safer Halloween this pandemic year. Detailed green Halloween crafts ideas abound online.

Make your own costume

For trick-or-treating, make a costume from your online-shopping boxes! Or reuse past costumes or old clothes. Trick-or-treat with your own household only, and keep distanced from others. Kids older than age 2 should wear a cloth face covering or mask. Make sure the mask is snug around the nose and mouth. A plastic costume mask isn't a substitute for a cloth face mask. And be sure to wash your hands before and after trick-or-treating!