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Holiday lights recycling

Information about recycling your old or unwanted holiday lights.

Do you have a pile of burned-out holiday lights? Are you replacing your old holiday lights with energy-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diode)? Don't put the old holiday lights in the garbage, recycle them. Holiday lights are free to recycle through these programs unless otherwise noted below. 

A group of retailers and organizations offer holiday lights recycling programs (list updated November 2023). These programs send the lights to processors that recycle the copper wire inside.

Local drop-off recycling programs

For drop-off programs, call first to verify they are accepting lights and find out any restrictions for acceptance.

Send-in recycling programs

You will need to pay shipping costs to send in your lights.

A holiday lights graphic

Recycling programs may ask you to remove the larger glass bulbs (the smaller bulbs are okay), as well as any plastic attachments. The glass and plastic are not recyclable and should be thrown away.

Other businesses and organizations offer holiday lights recycling programs. This list will update as new programs become available (last updated November 2022). 

When shopping for new holiday lights, ask the retailer if they have a recycling program. Thank you for recycling your holiday lights!