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Power quality improvement

Learn about the power quality improvement project at West Point to eliminate emergency bypasses of wastewater caused by power disruptions.  

Project update

The Power Quality Improvement Project will be completed by the end of this year. Learn more.

Executive Constantine and King County Councilmember Barón saw progress that the Wastewater Treatment Plant is making on a project to provide operators at West Point Treatment Plant an uninterruptable power supply, better preparing the facility for climate impacts.

Project description

Power disruptions at West Point can cause electrical equipment to protectively shut down. When this happens during heavy rain, the facility is overwhelmed with untreated wastewater and stormwater. To prevent the plant from flooding, flow is diverted to Puget Sound in an emergency bypass.

The objective of this project is to eliminate emergency bypasses of wastewater that are caused by power disruptions.

The project team analyzed numerous potential solutions to improve the reliability of West Point’s electrical power supply and chose the solution that is the most effective and quickest to implement. The result is that we will install a battery-based system to condition power as it is fed to critical systems in the plant so that they continue to operate during power disruptions, preventing the emergency bypasses of wastewater to Puget Sound.

Construction for this project began in 2022. The power quality improvements are expected to be protecting West Point from power disruptions by 2025.

Project schedule and timeline

Date Actions/Events/Public meetings
Feb 2021 Emergency declared by King County Executive and project initiated
May 2021 Battery solution selected
2022 Demolition of existing structure
2023-2024 Construction (estimated)
2025 System online, project complete (estimated)


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