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Annual Septage Haulers Meeting

The annual meeting is for Septage Haulers to be informed of program requirements and updates. King County staff are available to answer questions.

2023 Annual Haulers Virtual Meeting Agenda

October 31, 2023
South Treatment Plant

Welcome and Introductions
Jim Pitts, King County 

Disposal Rate for 2024 (09:00)
Luke Slaughterbeck, King County

WTD Finance Announcements & Program Requirements for Industrial Waste (14:50)
Greg Newborn, King County

Re-certification applications for Public Health (29:15)
Vehicle Inspection for Public Health (33:40)
Report on Public Health activities funded by 1-cent surcharge (36:10)
Doug Jones, King County

Review of Septage permit and Application Fees for 2024 & Info from the Septage Coordinator (44:32)
Chris Tinnin, King County

Q&A (01:02:20)
Chris Tinnin, King County