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Health care services by specialty

Services at Public Health — Seattle & King County

  • Birth control and STD clinics
    Specializes in birth control, pregnancy tests, Plan B and testing for STDs. At Public Health, our doctors and nurses are experts in family planning services. No one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. We can help you enroll in health insurance, if eligible. All our services are free or low cost, based on how much money you make.

  • Breast, cervical and colon health
    Don't let money stand in your way. You could qualify for free cancer screenings. Join thousands of people in Washington State who have already been screened for cancer.

  • Public Health Dental Clinics
    Services are provided at Public Health Centers located in Seattle and King County. The Downtown Public Health Center in Seattle's Belltown District serves homeless clients from age 13 and up.

  • Public Health Teen Clinics
    All services at Public Health Teen Clinics are free or low cost. Guys and girls up to their 21st birthday are welcome at Teen Clinics. We welcome straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, and questioning teens. You will not be judged based on who you have sex with.

  • Free or low-cost health insurance and access to related services
    Need help finding the right health-related services? We connect people in need to medical providers, health insurance options, and many essential services – ranging from food and energy assistance, to breast cancer and dental care options.

  • Needle Exchange
    Needle exchange is a public health program for people who use drugs by injection. In an effort to reduce the spread of HIV and other blood-borne infections among people who inject drugs, this program provides new, sterile syringes and clean injection equipment in exchange for used, contaminated syringes.

External health providers

  • King County Mental Health Services
    King County offers quality mental health services in crisis intervention and community mental health treatment. These supportive services include client and family resources, housing, employment, and diversion and reentry services.

  • Seattle - King County medical respite: Edward Thomas House at Jefferson Terrace
    The Medical Respite Program provides homeless individuals a safe place to recover from acute injury or illness. Short-term shelter, nursing and behavioral health services are the key elements of medical respite's recuperative care.