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Aircraft parking

Itinerant and transient aircraft parking

There are four transient light general aviation parking spots available. Two are on the northeast corner of the airfield, and two more are on the southwest corner, next to the Museum of Flight.

The rate for is $5 for every 12 hours. Airport Operations will collect payment upon departure. Cash, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted. Card payments will be processed through the airport's online payment portal and will be charged a 2.5% ($2 minimum) convenience fee.

Pilots: Contact Airport Operations at 206-296-7334 to access the gate upon departure.

There is no general aviation parking available at the terminal. Call Airport Operations before your flight to arrange parking.

Transient aircraft parking map

In addition to the four transient spots, the airport has three Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) on the field that can accommodate all sizes of aircraft. Contact them for current rates.

Paying by card or e-check

We have partnered with a third-party service to provide you with convenient online options via credit card, debit card, or electronic check (e-check). There is a 2.5% convenience fee ($2 minimum) to use this service. The service provider, not the airport, will appear as the merchant of record on your bank or credit card statement.

Paying by mobile phone

There are signs posted at each itinerant parking spot with a QR code that pilots can scan and use to pay their parking fees via mobile phone. There is a $2 convenience fee to use this option.

Operator Phone Unicom
Modern Aviation 206-762-6000
Signature Flight Support 206-763-0350
Skyservice 206-762-6376

Monthly tiedown and hangar rental

The airport is currently at 100% capacity for monthly rental space. We can add you to our waitlist.

Waitlist instructions

Hangar rates and fees


24-hour Operations line 206-296-7334
Airport Administration 206-296-7380
Automated Surface Observing System 206-658-6435
Automated Terminal Information Service 206-767-4113
Control tower (FAA) 206-658-6400
Fixed-base operators View tenant directory
Flight Service Station 206-658-6600
Operations (24-hour) 206-296-7334
Police/Rescue and Fire Fighting 206-296-7392
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

206-553-0667 (BFI Main)

206-214-2200 Option #1 (General Aviation & Agriculture)

206-214-4960 Duty Manager (Urgent Matters)




Controller Function Frequency
Short Runway  14L/32R 118.3
Long Runway  14R/32L 120.6
Ground Control  14R/32L 121.9
Clearance Delivery  IFR Clearance  132.4
  ILS/DME 110.9
VOT Equipment Testing 108.6
Seattle Approach Transition Airspace 119.2/123.9
Seattle Approach VFR Practice Approaches 125.9



Wrong runway alignments and landings

Pilots using the airport may experience several issues, including:

  • Wrong surface and runway alignments
  • Wrong runway landings
  • Flying through the parallel final, then turning back to the correct final

These are documented events. Many undocumented events are also noticed and corrected by air traffic controllers and pilots. Wrong runway landings and alignments pose a significant safety risk. Aircraft using the wrong runway could collide with other planes or vehicles.

We ask all pilots to read and follow this FAA letter about the issue.

For more information, watch this video:


Runway 32L Glide path is 3.10 degrees (4-light PAPI on left)
Runway 14R Glide path is 3.00 degrees (4-light PAPI on left)
Approaches ILS, LOC/DME
Runway 14R/32L 10,000' x 200'
Runway 14L/32R 3,710' x 100'


  • Agriculture clearance
  • 24/7 air traffic control tower
  • 24/7 aircraft rescue and firefighting
  • Avionics and repairs
  • Fixed base operators
  • Flight training
  • Fuel (Jet-A and 100LL)
  • Hangars
  • Helicopter services
  • Public Health
  • Tiedowns
  • U.S. Customs and Immigration Service

Additional resources

Map of BFI services

How to apply for the tiedown waitlist

Current VRF Routes at KCIA

Itinerant parking arrangements: Call 206-296-7334 (Airport Operations )


Operator Phone Toll-free Unicom
Skyservice 206-762-6376 1-866-410-6376 131.75
Modern Aviation 206-762-6000 1-800-768-1101 131.025
Signature Flight Support 206-763-0350 1-800-341-4102 129.025
The Boeing Company 206-655-1131   123.55