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Pre-employment physical

Pre-employment physical

Helping employees perform tasks without medical concern

The Pre-employment Physical Process is conducted for candidates that are being hired for physically demanding or safety-sensitive jobs. These tests may be required according to certain career classifications and often serve as a baseline for employee health. Ultimately, pre-employment physicals are conducted to determine if candidates are physically capable of performing their tasks without undue burden or medical concern.

During the Pre-employment Physical Process the clinic medical examiner will sign a job analysis indicating that the candidate can perform the essential functions of the position.


There are two types of job analyses, short and long form. A short form job analysis is a basic description of the position along with general job duties and physical tasks. A long form job analysis is a thorough and comprehensive analysis conducted by a vocational rehabilitation counselor indicating the physical demands of the position. Not all positions have a long form job analysis. In the absence of a long form job analysis the short form is provided to the medical examiner for review.

To find a Job Analysis for a desired position please access the links below:

For information on how to submit a pre-employment physical please contact or call 206-263-8427.