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Reassignment Program

Reassignment Program

Committed to helping injured workers

King County Disability Services coordinates the County Job Reassignment Program. Through this return to work program, employees who are unable to return to their base classification due to permanent or chronic medical restrictions and are separated from employment have an opportunity to seek other positions within King County.


Program eligibility and enrollment information:

  • In order to enroll, a candidate must be released by their care provider to return to work and have any applicable restrictions clearly outlined
  • Candidates must submit a completed Reassignment Program application, an updated resume, and meet with the Reassignment Program coordinator prior to enrollment
  • Candidates have up to one year from the date of separation to enter the program
  • Candidates that previously worked under Union 587 have up to two years from the date of separation to enter the program
  • The program includes priority rehire rights for up to six months from the date of entry into the program for non-promotional vacant King County jobs that the candidate is qualified to perform.


Click here to view the current Reasonable Accommodation in Employment for Individuals with Disabilities policy (PER-22-4-3-EP) which includes information on the Reassignment Program.

For additional assistance, please contact

When I started my career at King County, I had a completely different job. For the first eight months, things went well. But then the pressures grew – along with the workplace distractions. It was soon discovered that I had a very treatable medical condition. After working with a trusted supervisor, along with Disability Services, I was able to locate a new job within my same department. Though it’s never easy to switch jobs, I credit the help of my manager for being open and supportive about what was needed. If Disability Services is required as part of the process, you’ll find a wealth of warmth, support and knowledge to guide you. Doing your best will make it easier to find something else if this position turns out not to be your dream job.
- Previous Reassignment Program candidate