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2011 Budget

2011 Budget

The Council on Nov. 15 adopted a $5.1 billion 2011 King County Budget that makes deep cuts across all departments. More than 300 county positions have been eliminated, including 28 Sheriff Deputies, 16 County Prosecutors, and 28 Superior and District Courts employees.

More than 90 percent of County employees voluntarily gave up their cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) raises, preserving $23.5 million in vital services, including those for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

The adopted budget includes $621 million in general fund spending, of which 76 percent is directed toward public safety and criminal justice programs. The Council cut more than $60 million in order to balance the fund.

Adopted 2011 Budget

Part 1: Cover, Table of Contents (pdf, 283K)
Part 2: Letter from the Chair (pdf, 110K)
Part 3: Adopted Appropriation Ordinance 16984 (pdf, 3.7MB)
Part 4: Adopted Attachments Ordinance 16984 (pdf, 1.6MB)
Part 5: Debt Service Plan (pdf, 788K)
Part 6: Agency Detail Sheets (1 of 3)  (pdf, 3.7MB)
Part 7: Agency Detail Sheets (2 of 3)  (pdf, 2.7MB)
Part 8: Agency Detail Sheets (3 of 3)  (pdf, 2.8MB)
Part 9: Provisos and Expenditure Restrictions  (pdf, 2.2MB)

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