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Work Program

Work Program

The King County Auditor’s Office was created by charter in 1969 as an independent agency within the legislative branch of county government. The office conducts oversight of county government through independent audits, capital projects oversight, and other studies. The results of this work are presented to the Metropolitan King County Council and are communicated to the King County Executive and the public. The King County Auditor’s Office performs its work in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.

Law Enforcement

Civil Protection Orders

Evaluate the civil protection order process

Conditions of Confinement

Evaluate the juvenile justice system and/or inmate property management

Emerging Issues in Criminal Justice

Monitor criminal justice issues and identify high-risk or emerging areas of interest for analysis

Jail and Alternatives to Incarceration

Evaluate issues related to the planned closure of the downtown jail; Evaluate use of alternatives to incarceration, including pretrial diversion programs

Jail Health Services

Evaluate the Jail Health Services program


Risk Management

Evaluate areas of high-risk in Metro Transit and the management of that risk; Evaluate safe driving in Metro Transit

Transit Electrification

Complete our analysis of Transit Electrification based on our interim publication

Transit Service

Evaluate how service was planned and adjusted during the pandemic


Capital Focus

Evaluate capital financing; Evaluate capital space planning, particularly as it relates to operational decisions secondary to the pandemic; Evaluate equity in capital programs and projects



Evaluate property appraisal practices and/or exemption programs

Cost Savings

Evaluate areas for potential fleet savings; County fund balances

Customer Service

Evaluate customer service based on our interim publication

Cyber Resiliency

Evaluate readiness to respond in case of cyberattacks or other adverse technology events

Emergency Resiliency

Evaluate readiness for and resiliency to major emergencies

Equity and Social Justice Implementation

Evaluate implementation of the equity and social justice initiative

Pandemic Response

Evaluate distribution of county COVID funds; Evaluate planning related to pandemic preparedness and response; Evaluate regional coordination during the pandemic; Evaluate selection process for isolation and quarantine sites

Voluntary Separation Program

Evaluate the voluntary separation program

Direct Project Oversight

  • Harborview Project Oversight
  • Oversight Closeout Reports
  • Wastewater Treatment Program Savings and Planning