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Affordable Housing Committee

Affordable Housing Committee

Photo credit: King County Housing Authority / William Wright Photography 

The Affordable Housing Committee (AHC) of the Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC) serves as a regional advisory body.

They recommend action and assess progress toward implementing the Regional Affordable Housing Task Force (RAHTF) Five Year Action Plan. The Committee functions as a point in coordinating and owning accountability for affordable housing efforts across King County.

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Comprehensive Plan Review Letters 

King County– Approved September 21, 2023 

Redmond– Approved September 21, 2023 


Recommended Response to Growth Management Planning Council Motion 21-1 - Approved December 9, 2022 

Recommended Amendments to Countywide Planning Policies, Housing Chapter - Approved January 29, 2021 

Shared Affordable Housing Revenue Principles - Approved November 13, 2020 

Strategic Acquisition Recommendation - Approved July 22, 2020 

Possible Expiration of the Eviction Moratorium Recommendation - Approved July 22, 2020 

House Bill 1406 Recommendation Statement - Approved September 20, 2019 

Legislative Priorities 

Federal Legislative Priorities - Approved November 16, 2023 

2024 State Legislative Priorities - Approved November 16, 2023 

2023 State Legislative Priorities - Approved November 3, 2022 

2022 State Legislative Priorities - Approved November 17, 2021 

2021 Federal Legislative Priorities - Approved May 19, 2021 

2021 State Legislative Priorities - Approved January 29, 2021 

2023 Housing-related Countywide Planning Policies amendments pending city and town ratification, which concludes on November 30, 2023

2021 Adopted Countywide Planning Policies

Resources for Documenting the Local History of Racially Exclusive and Discriminatory Land Use and Housing Practices

Coming soon: Engrossed Amended 2021 Countywide Planning Policies 

Coming soon: Jurisdictional Plan Review Checklist

More About the Affordable Housing Committee

The Regional Affordable Housing Task Force wrapped up its work in 2018, releasing the Five Year Action Plan which strives to “eliminate to eliminate cost burden for households earning 80% Area Median Income and below, with a priority for serving households at or below 50% Area Median Income.”

The Action Plan contains seven goals to accomplish the overall goal, with supporting strategies and actions for each goal. Goal 1 is to “create and support an ongoing structure for regional collaboration.” The Affordable Housing Committee implements Goal 1.

Housing Interjurisdictional Team (HIJT) is composed of staff from King County, the City of Seattle, other cities, transit agencies, and nonprofit and stakeholder groups which support the work of the AHC. The Regional Affordable Housing team in the Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) supports and staffs this team.

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