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Community Development

Community Development

Housing, Homelessness and Community Development Division

Announcing 2024 Request for Proposals for 2025 CDBG Capital Funds

King County Community Development is opening its 2024 RFP for 2025 CDBG, funding non-housing Capital projects. Non-profits, cities, and other units of local government such as parks/water/sewer districts are encouraged to apply.
Projects must be in the King County Consortium to be eligible. Just because a project is in King County, the City its in may not be in the Consortium. See map.
Pre-Application Period opened April 29, 2024 and will close May 20, 2024.
Programs and Agencies that are new to King County CDBG and capital construction projects must attend a Pre-Application Technical Assistance Session. Contact for more information and to sign up. Click here to start your pre-app in ZoomGrants.

What We Do

The Community Development program funds:

  • Sidewalks
  • Community and recreation facilities
  • Child care and early learning facilities
  • Sewer and water main projects
  • ADA improvements
  • Microenterprise assistance
  • Park improvements
  • Minor home repair programs
  • Affordable family or youth housing

We make these investments in our communities through several different fund sources such as

For information on BSK and PSTAA funding that can help with facilities that provide early learning and other child support services in King County, please visit the BSK and/or the PSTAA Sites.

CDBG Eligibility

Eligible applicants for CDBG non-housing capital funds include:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Local governments (including cities, special districts and other King County departments)
  • Public housing authorities

CDBG can do a lot. To learn more contact us at

King County CDBG Consortium

The King County CDBG Consortium is established under interlocal cooperation agreements between King County and 34 cities and towns. To learn more, visit the Consortium Page.


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