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Employee Emergency Information - About SWD

Employee emergency information

This emergency information is to be used by King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) staff in the event of a regional disaster or major incident. Definitions and instructions for check-in, site evacuation and reporting are presented below. In all cases protect life, then property.

Infectious disease outbreaks (h1n1 swine flu, ebola, etc.)

As with any infectious disease, if you are ill and have fever you should stay at away from work and seek medical care.  The response to a local outbreak of any disease would be determined by King County Public Health in conjunction with current CDC guidelines for the specific infectious disease.  All Employees should seek information from the Center for Disease Control external link , Washington Station Department of Health external link and King County Public Health. Each of these agencies maintains the most up to date information on current disease issues. Educating ourselves regarding Ebola or any other infectious disease is the first step in prevention and response. Below are additional direct links regarding Ebola.

For updated information about the flu, including the H1N1 flu virus, please visit Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Influenza website.


A regional disaster or major incident is defined as:

  • Earthquake that can be felt (5.0 or higher)
  • Snowfall greater than six inches
  • Storm with winds in excess of 70 mph

Check in

If you are at home you should assume that you should report to work as assigned or scheduled unless:

  • There is a general media announcement providing instructions from the County related to your work location and work responsibilities;
  • Your lead, supervisor or manager contacts you with alternative instructions;
  • You are unable to travel or leave your current location due to:
    • Your or your family’s safety needs
    • Impassible travel routes
    NOTE: If this situation applies to you, notify your lead or supervisor of your situation unless physical conditions or damage to communication systems prevent you from doing so.

If you are at work, check in with your work group. Individuals designated at the time of the emergency (see list that follows) should then contact the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill front desk at 206-263-1000 and inform them of each work group’s status using the numbers or systems identified below, as appropriate:

  • 206-263-1000 (all personnel)
  • 800-MHz radio (as applicable)

King Street Center staff: Designate one person in each group to call the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill front desk.

Transfer station staff: Designate one person from each site to call the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill front desk.

Truck drivers: Call in status and road conditions to the Transportation Lead.

Transportation lead: Relay road information to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill front desk.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill operations staff: Designate one person from each work group to check in with the front desk.

Site evacuation

If site evacuation is necessary, refer to the evacuation maps posted at every site. Report all facility closures to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill front desk.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill and transfer station operations staff: If you must leave the site, post the names of all staff, their destinations and time of departure in the scale house window. If the scale house is too damaged, post a note in a cone on the inbound scale or other obvious location near the gate.

King Street Center staff: Evacuate the building according to the King Street Center Evacuation Procedures Intranet (King County employees only) .

Essential personnel

All SWD employees are essential. Staff may be assigned to work outside their normal duties in order to assist in response and/or recovery efforts. Refer to the list of essential personnel to find your emergency reporting designation.

King County Solid Waste Division mission: Waste Prevention, Resource Recovery, Waste Disposal

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