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Getting started with your workplace recycling program - Business services

Getting started

Some cities in King County have a business recycling program or a business recycling coordinator who can provide guidance or answer specific questions. To find your city's recycling coordinator, use the drop-down menu below and select your city's name from the list.

Garbage & Recycling

If you are a business in unincorporated King County and have not found the answer to your question in these pages or on the What do I do with...? site, please contact the Solid Waste Division online or at 206-477-4466.

Looking for ways to get started on recycling at your office?

  • Establish an environmental policy or mission statement committing your company to recycling and preventing waste.
  • Create a name or slogan for your recycling program. This will help to promote the concept of recycling amongst employees.
  • Write a memo to all employees introducing the program. Include an article detailing the program in your company newsletter.
  • Identify employees who are interested in recycling and create a "Green Team." Members of the Green Team can assist with program implementation and lead employee training sessions. They will also serve as a good source of information regarding what works and what needs to be changed as your program moves forward.
  • Create contests or incentives to encourage recycling. Initiate a recycling challenge to see which department recycles the most or a waste prevention challenge to encourage new ideas for preventing waste.
  • Post lists of recyclable items and methods for proper disposal.
King County Solid Waste Division mission: Waste Prevention, Resource Recovery, Waste Disposal

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