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Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals

Water and Land Resources Division


Clean water and healthy land for all of King County.


The Water and Land Resources Division protects, restores, and manages King County's water and land using the best available science, innovation, and collaborating with our partners and the community.


  1. Environment:  Minimize waste and emissions, maximize resource re-use and recovery, and protect and restore habitats, ecological functions and aquatic conditions.  Provide scientific research and monitoring to support sound science and policy to protect resources.

  2. People and communities: Protect and improve human health, safety, and wellness – minimize hazards (including toxic exposures and flood risk), maximize opportunities for community building and fitness, build internal capacity for excellence in service delivery.

  3. Fiscal responsibility and economic vitality:  Support King County’s economic development goals and ensure ratepayer value through effective, efficient and equitable program implementation.