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Scope of Accreditation

Scope of Accreditation

King County Environmental Lab

The King County Environmental Laboratory is accredited by the Washington Department of Ecology for a wide variety of methods and sample matrices. The lab maintains accreditation under the Non-potable Water matrix in order to support effluent testing for NPDES projects. Accreditation is also maintained for methods listed under Solid and Chemical Materials so the lab may support sediment testing for projects related to NPDES and Sediment Management Standards regulations. The methods in this category may also be used for testing of samples to determine if they are hazardous wastes. Accreditation for Drinking Water is limited to microbiological methods. Finally, the lab is accredited under the Immunoassay Category for the analysis of microcystins.

A listing of the individual methods under each accreditation category is available from the Washington Department of Ecology website.

For questions about this Web page, please contact Diane McElhany, Environmental Programs Section Manager, King County Environmental Lab.