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Juvenile Justice in King County

Juvenile Justice in King County

In King County, juvenile justice reform efforts have contributed to a remarkable reduction in the overall numbers of youth involved in the court system and held in detention.

All youth in King County deserve to grow into happy, healthy adults. Research shows that youth have a better chance at positive adulthood when they don't interact with the juvenile legal system. Zero Youth Detention calls for partnering with youth, families, and communities and building on their strengths so that communities are safe, legal system involvement is limited or avoidable, and all youth have the opportunity to be happy, healthy, safe, and thriving.

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Uniting for Youth (formerly King County Systems Integration Initiative) is a consortium of state and local youth-serving agencies who have come together to examine and improve the coordination and collaboration of services for youth involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems and who may have mental health and educational needs. 


For more information, please contact:

Marcus Stubblefield 
Criminal Justice Strategy and Policy Section Manager
Performance, Strategy and Budget