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Chinook Building

Chinook Building

The Chinook Building is located in downtown Seattle at Fifth Avenue and Jefferson Street. The 13-story structure provides modern workspaces for more than 1,400 employees and is rated LEED Gold. It was officially opened for occupancy in 2007.

Wright Runstad and Company developed the Chinook Building for King County using a non-profit/private/public partnership model.

The Chinook Building incorporates many of the latest sustainable building technologies, including:

  • Roofing: Energy Star compliant and high emissivity material called DerbiBrite and a green roof which covers 75% of the roof area.
  • Water Efficiency: Only captured rain from the roof is used to irrigate landscaping. In addition, plants that do not require ongoing irrigation were planted.
  • Energy and Atmosphere: No CFC-based refrigerants were used in the building. Energy performance in the building is optimized by reducing design energy cost compared to energy cost budget for the energy system. The building also has higher filtration for the HVAC system. A LEED building must meet 60% filtration compared to the 30% in a typical office building.
  • Materials and Natural Resources: 75% of the waste from construction of the building was diverted from the landfill and separated out to be recycled.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Adhesives, sealants, paint, and primer material used in construction were low emitting and low VOC. Carpet met the Green Label Indoor Quality Test Program. Copy rooms were built with full height walls and are separately ventilated from office spaces. Office perimeter lighting (both open office and exterior rooms) are equipped with light sensors, so if it senses more natural daylight, the light will automatically step down in brightness.


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