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For health care providers

For health care providers

Tools, guidelines and links for physicians and community health workers


Community Health Worker
Asthma Training Curriculum

After 20 years of research, several protocols were developed to reduce asthma health disparities through community health worker home visits. These protocols have been combined to create the Community Health Worker Asthma Training Program.

Public Health – Seattle & King County is disseminating the training across Washington state.

  • Tobacco and Vapor Prevention Program
    Promoting healthy people and healthy communities through effective cessation efforts, and preventing tobacco use, nicotine addiction and exposure to secondhand smoke.

  • Youth Health and Marijuana
    Working with communities, partners, and priority populations to reduce marijuana initiation among King County youth by ensuring that all youth have the information and tools they need to make healthy decisions about marijuana.

  • Tobacco and vaping blogs from the Public Health Insider

  • Indoor Air Quality
    Information about improving indoor air quality, cleaning and preventing mold.

  • Community health indicators
    A set of indicators measuring the health of King County residents. It provides a broad array of comprehensive, population-based data with the emphasis on relying on data about the entire community to look at multiple determinants of health.
  • Ethnic Medicine Information (Ethnomed), University of Washington at Harborview Medical Center
    The EthnoMed site contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to Seattle or the US, many of whom are refugees fleeing war-torn parts of the world. Search by "asthma" to find cultural profiles about asthma beliefs and health education materials in different languages.

  • Work-Related Asthma, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
    Under the Reportable Conditions Rule (WAC 246-101), all health care providers and health care facilities are required to report cases of work-related asthma.