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Planning Groups and Advisory Committee

Ending the HIV Epidemic in King County

Planning Groups and Advisory Committee

In 2019, the US government announced the first large infusion of new funding for HIV in decades: the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative. This comprehensive initiative, known as EHE, aims to reduce new HIV infections in the U.S. by 75% in five years and by 90% by 2030. King County was one of 57 geographic focus areas eligible for EHE funding during phase one. Since then, multiple organizations in King County have received funding through HRSA, CDC, SAMHSA, and other federal agencies to implement innovative EHE activities.

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The EHE Advisory Committee (EAC) is an advisory body comprised of representatives from community-based organizations, health care systems, government entities, and persons with lived experiences of being at risk or living with HIV who combined comprise the HIV prevention and care systems in King County.

The EAC meets quarterly to review progress on implementing activities outlined in the EHE Plan, the outcomes of those activities, provide input on new or revised activities, and ultimately help select which activities to sustain beyond the EHE initiative funding period and develop a plan for doing so.

Community engagement was integral to developing the plan for using EHE funding in King County. Between 2020-2021 PHSKC sought input from a wide variety of stakeholders and convened three planning bodies - the core EHE Planning Committee and two sub-committees comprised of healthcare representatives, community-based organizations, and persons with lived experience - to discuss how to best use EHE funding to have the biggest impact possible on HIV incidence in our community. The resulting “Plan for Ending HIV in King County” (the “EHE Plan”) is a living document that is reviewed and updated at least annually by the EHE Advisory Committee.

EHE Planning Committee (EPC)

The EHE Planning Committee (EPC) included representatives from HIV prevention and care service systems in King County, “new voices” from communities not historically involved in HIV planning efforts in King County, and persons who had direct experiences of being at risk for or living with HIV. This committee reviewed existing data, needs assessments, and community input, proposed strategies, and activities for the EHE plan, reviewed feedback on these activities from advisory groups as well as input from community members, and provided concurrence on the final plan.

Community-Based Prevention and Care Advisory Group

The Community-Based Prevention and Care Advisory group was comprised of representatives from community-based organizations providing HIV prevention, HIV case management, housing, substance use, mental health, and other services as well as persons representing the needs of communities at risk for or living with HIV in King County. The group met to provide input to the EPC, review and give feedback on the EPC’s proposed activities, and to assure that EHE activities addressed social determinants of health.

Healthcare Advisory Group

The Healthcare Advisory Group was comprised of representatives from healthcare systems across King County, individual medical providers, and payers. This committee provided input to the EPC on the services their patient populations needed to reduce their risks for HIV and/or improve their HIV-related health outcomes, as well as how healthcare systems could participate in EHE through expanding access to HIV prevention and care services.


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