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Isolation and quarantine

Isolation and quarantine

Public Health — Seattle & King County is leading the region in the unprecedented challenge of meeting preparedness and clinical requirements for disease surveillance, mass treatment operations, and for isolation and quarantine protocols and training.

  • Isolation
    The separation and restriction of movement of ill people to stop the spread of that illness to others. People in isolation may be cared for in their homes, in hospitals, or at designated health care facilities.

  • Quarantine
    Applies to people who have been exposed to a contagious illness and may be infected but are not yet ill. Separating exposed people and restricting their movements is intended to stop the spread of that illness. Quarantine can be highly effective in protecting the public from disease.

Isolation and Quarantine Response Plan, Version 4.1, September 2014 (PDF)

This plan defines roles and responsibilities for operationalizing isolation and quarantine plans in the event of a severe outbreak of a communicable disease. It is based on the experience of public health officials, and will serve as a template for outbreak situations of varying magnitude.