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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Your rights and responsibilities

All King County employees have LTD insurance coverage through The Standard with a 6-month waiting period. If you have purchased enhanced LTD insurance, you have a 3-month waiting period.

Long-Term disability covers: 60% of your wages if you are off work full-time or working part-time with a loss of more than 20% of your wages.

To apply for long-term disability benefits for your medical leave of absence, you must complete the LTD application form or by applying online on The Standard’s website: (click on “File A Claim”)

The Standard’s contact number is: 1-844-239-3567. This LTD application process is separate from the STD benefits.

For more information on long term disability benefits use this link: Your King County Benefits


Benefits and Retirement Operations contact: 206-684-1556