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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Your rights and responsibilities

If you were injured on the job or have an illness connected to employment at DAJD and will be or have been treated for this condition by a health care provider, please obtain a claim packet from your supervisor. You will only need to file this claim with Safety and Claims if you see a health care provider for your condition. For all injuries on the job, please assist your supervisor in completing a Work Related Illness/Injury supervisor report.  This form will also be forwarded to Safety & Claims and kept on record.

The Claims Officer can further explain the process when you file a claim for days off work. Her contact numbers are: Phone 206-477-3361; Fax 206-296-0514.

KCCG members by collective bargaining agreement are provided with 30 days of special sick leave the first year of employment or 20 days of special sick leave for any year thereafter for use on an approved workers’ compensation claim for medically certified leave.  This leave will be used before your own sick leave.

  • Safety and Claims contact: Alaena Blouin, phone 206-477-3361, fax 206-296-0514