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River hazards

River hazards

River users should be aware that King County rivers contain both natural and installed large wood. River hazards, such as new channels or newly fallen trees spanning the river’s main channel can happen at any time. Users on a river must always be on high alert and ready react to river hazards.

Should you discover a new hazard please report this hazard to King County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit by calling 206-296-3311.
If you need help in an emergency always use 911 first.

King County Marine Unit strongly encourages all river users regardless of age to wear a life jacket. Inexpensive tubes, rafts and float toys should not be used in King County rivers due to naturally occurring sharp objects such as roots, branches and rocks. Many King County rivers pass through remote locations and places that are hard for rescuers to reach. All river users are encouraged to take river safety classes to learn how to plan a rafting trip, to know float durations, to deal with emergencies, and to learn self rescue techniques. Alcohol use while floating is a bad idea. Alcohol use is often a factor in creating river emergencies, injuries and sometimes death.

River users are encouraged to check the King County River Recreation known hazards page before you leave home.