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Lateral entry information

Lateral entry information

Please note: Listed timelines are subject to change and will depend upon hiring needs.)

Why you should lateral to the King County Sheriff's Office:

  • Your take-home patrol car is issued to you soon after being sworn-in and qualifying with your weapon
  • You will apply directly to King County Civil Service and be scheduled for an oral board interview. Applicants are not required to take a written or physical test
  • Lateral-entry candidates are listed on a separate Civil Service Eligibility List from entry-level candidates
  • No need to attend the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center (WSCJTC) if  you successfully completed a state-sponsored academy with a minimum of 720 hours training (you must complete an equivalency academy if from out of state)
  • Years of service at your previous agency may apply to some specialty unit requirements for application
  • Pay level may be commensurate with your experience based on a command staff interview
  • The county jail is run by a separate county department.  Therefore, there is no work assignment in the jail; you start in the field on patrol
  • As one of Washington's largest law enforcement agencies, your career opportunities are practically endless
  • Out of state lateral hires may be eligible for reimbursement of qualifying moving expenses up to $5,000

    What to expect as a lateral-entry hire to KCSO:

  • In place of full academy training, you will attend a 5-week KCSO orientation training
  • Complete a week equivalency class sessions (if from outside Washington)
  • Field training may be accelerated based on your performance
  • You will become a member of the LEOFF2 retirement system

    Additional Qualifications for Lateral-Entry Applicants with Previous Experience:

  • Experience as a full-time commissioned police officer with at least 12 months of active patrol;
  • Successful completion of probation as a commissioned officer with a city, county or state police or sheriff's department (Federal experience does not qualify);
  • Less than a two-year break in service from a former police officer position; and
  • Academy training that meets or exceeds the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center's standards (720 hours)

    Lateral-Entry Hiring Process:

  • Offer employment to qualified lateral-entry applicants five to six weeks from the outset of the oral board interview, if possible
  • Lateral applicants are contacted immediately upon submission of your application to King County Civil Service
    • Scheduled for an Oral Board Interview within 10 business days of receiving your application
      (If you have not heard from King County Civil Service within 7-10 business days of submitting your application please reach out to King County Civil Service directly at (206) 477-7279 or the King County Sheriff’s Office Recruiter at (206) 263-3155)

    Upon successful completion of the Oral Board Interview candidates will;

  • Receive a background packet that must be completed within two weeks
  • Once the background packet is submitted it will be assigned to one of our Detectives for the investigation process
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