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Metro Transit Police Department

Metro Transit Police Department


Emergency dispatch:

Non-Emergency dispatch: (206) 296-3311

Metro Transit Police Department
5303 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
Business Phone: (206) 477-0250

Police Chief:
Chief Todd Morell

Metro police department website:

Metro website


KCM_LogoThe Metro Transit Police Department is responsible for providing "enhanced" policing of Metro's bus system and routes across the county, particularly focused along the I-5 corridor, to deter crime and enhance safety during Metro's 200,000 daily boardings. This service model for Metro Transit enables the Metro Transit Police to provide an “enhanced” service that is above the standard services provided by local law enforcement agencies across King County. Metro Transit Police support Metro’s Long Game which is a blueprint for leveraging the power of public transportation to advance equity by supporting underserved communities, providing economic opportunities, and combating climate change.  Safety is a major component to the success of the Long Game and the Metro Transit Police understand the role they play in this effort.   

Metro Transit Police enforce local and state laws as well as address 
Metro Transit Code of Conduct violations while conducting data driven patrols, where needs are greatest.  In addition, Metro Transit Police prioritize employee assaults and sexual misconduct violations that occur on and near transit.  In their effort to protect both Metro operators and riders, Metro officers focus on visible presence on Metro coaches and properties to deter crime.   

Officers also train operators and other transit employees about maintaining safe and secure transit system. In addition, deputies and detectives work on proactive projects to prevent crimes, but when crimes occur, deputies focus on an efficient and professional response. As coaches operate through other police jurisdictions, partnership with local agencies is instrumental in providing service to those that are affected.  Metro Transit Police values Focusing on Service, Being Responsive, and Staying Active for Metro Transit employees and customers. 


Unique to the Metro Transit Police team is a Bicycle Emphasis Enforcement Squad (BEES), and a K9 unit whose sensitive nose is trained to sniff out 19,000 different scents related to explosives and firearms.  Metro Transit Police also partner with Sound Transit Police to provide a dedicated anti-terrorism team known as JTATT (Joint Transit Anti-Terrorism Team).  This team not only supports visible deterrence and operations focused on terrorism, but also provides valuable training to civilian and commissioned employees on proper response to mass casualty events. 



Policing a transit system is a unique opportunity to contribute to the mobility needs of community members to improve lives, connect communities, and provide opportunities. The success of any transit agency is directly proportional to the ability to keeps its employees and customers safe and we have the honor of providing a significant support for that success.  Our team is committed to Service, Responsiveness, and Staying Active to make our system safe.