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True North and Values

True North and Values

Making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive

In King County's Executive branch, our work is guided by our True North and values. Our True North is what we aspire to: Making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive.

Our values define the way we act, what’s important to us, and our expectations for ourselves and one another.


We are one team.



We are racially just.



We solve problems.



We respect all people.



We focus on the customer.



We lead the way.



We drive for results.



We are responsible stewards.


True North and Values

  • We put the team’s interests first.
  • We partner well with others to get work done and achieve County objectives.
  • We value listening, seeking diverse perspectives, and engaging others to challenge our assumptions.
  • We assume positive intent of others.
  • We are honest, direct, and actively share information.
  • We make problems visible and treat them as opportunities.
  • We embrace data, analysis, and science.
  • We innovate and challenge the status quo.
  • We align solutions with strategic priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • We continuously seek insight into customer needs.
  • We identify opportunities and always try to improve and personalize the customer experience.
  • We interact with respect, courtesy, and calmness.
  • We act with speed, commitment, and persistence.
  • We accept responsibility and hold ourselves and others accountable.
  • We take the initiative and tackle tough assignments.
  • We improve our processes and master the details.
  • We acknowledge racism and oppression and seek to undo it at all levels.
  • We recognize our positional power and how it affects our interactions with others and the communities we serve.
  • We act as champions to achieve racial justice.
  • We actively seek to learn and understand all perspectives, beliefs, and values.
  • We engage all people in decisions affecting them.
  • We recognize all people for their contributions and accomplishments.
  • We seek to understand the big picture and think creatively.
  • We communicate with clarity and conciseness.
  • We advocate and advance organizational priorities.
  • We exercise strong judgement and decision making.
  • We inspire others.
  • We act responsibly with our resources, and we protect and contribute to the things that make this region special.
  • We demonstrate financial acumen and a commitment to controlling costs.

Together our True North and Values define who we are and where we are going. Join us.


King County Executive
Dow Constantine
Dow constantine portrait

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