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OLEO in the News

OLEO in the News

Office lacks power over King County law enforcement in misconduct investigations
By Henry Stewart-Wood – October 9, 2021

With Changes on the Horizon for the King County Sheriff's Office, a New Police Oversight Director Looks for Opportunity
By Paul Kiefer – October 8, 2021 

Probe reveals kickback to King County deputy’s wife, exposes concerns over police ties to confidential informants
By Lewis Kamb – October 6, 2021

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight says it needs more power to investigate
By Kiro 7 News Staff – October 5, 2021

Wanted: A King County sheriff to create a guardian force
By Seattle Times editorial board – September 10, 2021

King County is looking for community members to help oversee law enforcement accountability 
By Cameron Sheppard – September 9, 2021

Oversight office releases scathing report on King County Sheriff’s Office
By Henry Stewart-Wood – September 1, 2021 

King County sheriff’s failure to adopt reforms contributed to fatal shooting of Black Diamond man, report finds 
By Mike Carter – August 31, 2021

OLEO says new report finds KCSO went to “Extraordinary Measures” to justify shooting death of Tommy Le
By Carolyn Bick, South Seattle Emerald – September 3, 2020

New report on Tommy Le killing by King County deputy criticizes sheriff's office
By Suzanne Phan, KOMO News – September 2, 2020

Tommy Le's family calls for action from King County Sheriff following outside review of 2017 shooting death
By Amy Radil, KUOW News – September 2, 2020

Sheriff Johanknecht apologizes to family of Tommy Le; community leaders criticize her office for lack of oversight
By Mike Carter and Melissa Hellmann, Seattle Times – September 2, 2020

Independent review slams King County Sheriff’s Office handling of Tommy Le killing
By Alison Grande, KIRO 7 News – September 1, 2020

King County Office of Law Enforcement Oversight Publishes Community Guide to King County Sheriff Complaint Process
By Auburn Examiner Staff - Jun 29, 2020

Shoreline Police Training And Policies Around Use Of Force
By Patch.Com Staff - Jun 17, 2020

Councilmembers Advance Key Reforms for County Law Enforcement
By King County Council Press Release - June 9, 2020

King County could make sheriff an appointed rather than elected position to increase accountability
By David Gutman - June 9, 2020

King County Office of Law Enforcement Oversight seeking input about police during recent protests
By B-Town Blog Staff Writer - Jun 4, 2020

King County OLEO to recommend changes to Sheriff’s Office’s policies for shooting reviews; Sheriff scheduled to respond to report on officer-involved shooting
By Capitol Hill Times Staff, February 25, 2020

King County sheriff denies reforms were left to ‘die on vine’ after shooting
By Mike Carter, Feb. 25, 2020

Council unsatisfied with Sheriff’s response to use of deadly force report: The King County Sheriff’s Office could be required to explain why it didn’t implement recommendations.
By Aaron Kunkler - February 25, 2020

Reforms left to ‘die on the vine’ after teen is killed in 2017 King County sting, report says
By Mike Carter - February 11, 2020

Fears of immigration agents on Seattle-area transit prompt new guide to who’s policing buses, trains
By Heidi Groover - February 4, 2020

King County Sheriff’s Office develops I-940 training to reduce deadly force
By Aaron Kunkler, Kent Reporter – July 31, 2019

Details matter in independent investigations of police shootings
By Deborah Jacobs, Seattle Times – June 16, 2019

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight Praises Policy Changes Pledged by Sheriff’s Office
By Press Release, Auburn Examiner – May 29, 2019

Deputies who tased naked woman was justified, says King County Sheriff’s Office
By Jennifer Sullivan, Komo – May 23, 2019

Deadly sting, wrong target: How the death of a cop’s son led King County deputies to kill a Des Moines teen
By Mike Carter, Seattle Times – April 28, 2019

Law enforcement oversight office seeks subpoena power
By Aaron Kunkler, Bellevue Report – April 4, 2019

King County Charter Update Targets Police Oversight, Elections, Council Size
By Aaron Kunkler, Seattle Weekly – February 22, 2019

County wants more accountability in use of deadly force – Inquest process to be reformed, Tommy Le case affected
By Ruth Bayang, Northwest Asian Weekly – October 11, 2018 

API organizations file citizen complaint against Sheriff’s Office over Tommy Le shooting
By Lewis Kamb, Seattle Times – October 6, 2018

API organizations file citizen complaint against Sheriff’s Office over Tommy Le shooting
Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner – October 5, 2018

Tommy Le’s Death Shows Us Why Cops Can’t Investigate Themselves
By Lester Black, the Stranger SLOG – September 13, 2018

King County Sheriff’s Office Failed to Investigate Some Officer Misconduct Complaints
By Lester Black, The Stranger – September 11, 2018

OLEO Report
By KOMO-AM Radio - August 29, 2018

Councilmembers ask 'Where's the Sheriff?' during meeting on use of force
By Amy Clancy, KIRO7 – August 28, 2018

Report: Sheriff’s Office Mishandled Use-of-Force Complaints
By Josh Kelety, Seattle Weekly – August 28, 2018

Report: King County Sheriff’s Office Underreporting, Incorrectly Classifying Uses of Force
By Lester Black, The Stranger – August 28, 2018

Report: Sheriff’s Office handling of ‘Use of Force Complaints’ inconsistent
By Scott Schaefer, B-Town Blog – August 28, 2018

Reagan Dunn on KOMO-AM Radio - August 28, 2018

Complaints against sheriff’s deputies not properly investigated, report says
By Josh Kelety, Federal Way Mirror – July 14, 2018

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight (OLEO) Report on the King County Sheriff’s Office
By Neal McNamara, South Seattle Emerald – July 13, 2018 

County Watchdog recommends changes to handling of citizen complaints about police
By Shoreline Area News – July 12, 2018 

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight Releases Report on Sheriff’s Investigations of Officer Miscondcut Complaints, Recommends Changes
By the Seattle Medium – July 11, 2018

Report Finds Complaints Against King County Sheriff’s Deputies Weren’t Investigated
By Josh Kelety, Seattle Weekly – July 11, 2018 

County watchdog announces report on Sheriff’s investigations of officer misconduct complaints, recommends changes
By Westside Seattle – July 11, 2018

Law Enforcement Oversight group releases report on police investigations
By Scott Schaefer, B-Town Blog – July 11, 2018 

Review: Serious complaints against deputies mishandled
By The Bellingham Herald – July 11, 2018 

Change Needed In King County Sheriff's Complaint Process: Report
By Neal McNamara, Seattle Patch – July 10, 2018

Complaints against King County deputies weren’t investigated because they were misclassified, report finds
By Lewis Kamb, Seattle Times – July 10, 2018

Watchdog group faults King County Sheriff’s Office’s handling of misconduct complaints
By Tatevik Aprikyan, Q13 Fox – July 10, 2018

Clear communication from law enforcement is crucial 
By Seattle Times Editorial Board – June 26, 2018

Le Family Still Waiting for Justice 
By Sophia Stephens & Ruth Bayang, NW Asian Weekly – June 21, 2018

Report on Tommy Le’s Death and The Sheriff’s Office Media Relations Presented to King County Council 
By Will Sweger, South Seattle Emerald – June 19, 2018

Các dân cử King County muốn đổi luật điều tra riêng: tử vong nội bộ 
Northwest Vietnamese News – June 15, 2018

OLEO Report 
KUOW-FM Radio – June 14, 2018 

King County Sheriff Needs Better Way to Fix Wrong Info Given to Media, Watchdog Says After Deadly Shooting 
By Steve Miletich, Seattle Times – June 13, 2018

Report: Sheriff’s Office Should Be More Transparent On Police Shootings: The recommendations come one year after Tommy Le was fatally shot by a King County deputy 
By Lilly Fowler, Crosscut – June 13, 2018

King County Sheriff's Office issued 'inaccurate reports' after killing teen 
By Amy Clancy, KIRO 7 – June 13, 2018

Le’s Family Statement on the Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Tommy Le After Report From OLEO 
Northwest Vietnamese News – June 13, 2018

The King County Sheriff’s Department needs to be “more forthcoming” about shootings 
Nathalie Graham, the Stranger – June 13, 2018

OLEO Report – King County 
KOMO-AM Radio – June 13, 2018 

Report, Watchdog Group: King County Sheriff’s Office Should Improve Transparency After Shootings 
By Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner – June 13, 2018

In King County, Our Deaths Will Be Reported Accurately 
By Kipp Robertson, MyNorthwest – June 13, 2018

When King County cops get their stories wrong, how should they correct them? 
By Sydney Brownstone, KUOW – June 13, 2018

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight Recommends Changes to Sheriff’s Office Public Information Policy 
The Seattle Medium – June 13, 2018

Report: Sheriff's Office statements mislead public after 2017 police shooting: A University of Florida report criticized the King County Sheriff's Department for not clarifying in early press releases that a man who died after a 2017 police shooting was carrying a pen and not a knife. 
By Elisa Hahn, King 5 – June 12, 2018

Watchdog group recommends changes to King County Sheriff’s Office policy 
The B-Town Blog – June 12, 2018

Police accountability watchdog recommends changes to Sheriff’s Office of Public Information Policy 
Westside Seattle – June 12, 2018

King County Deputies Receive Training In Violence De-escalation 
By Paula Wissel, KNKX – January 24, 2018

State Lawmakers Discuss How the Legislature Affects Asian Pacific Islanders
By Leilani Leach, International Examiner – December 15, 2017

Is The King County Police Inquest Process Enough?
By Patricia Murphy, KUOW – December 13, 2017

Task Force Will Study Whether Inquests For Police Shootings Make Sense
By Sydney Brownstone, the Stranger SLOG – December 12, 2017

Seattle and Olympia JACL Attend 2018 Legislative APIC Agenda Prep Session
Japanese American Citizens’ League (JACL) Weekly Digest – December 12, 2017

King County Executive Orders Review of Police Shooting Inquests
By Graham Johnson, KIRO 7 – December 12, 2017

Constantine Convenes County Task Force to Review Police Shooting Inquests: Changes Could Be Made in Process to Provide More Confidence in Justice System
By Kent Reporter – December 12, 2017

Watchdog Says Sheriff Is Holding Back County Police Reform

by Casey Jaywork, SeattleWeekly – October 11, 2017

Reclaiming the Narrative for Tommy Le
by Joe Nguyen, South Seattle Emerald – September 25, 2017

King County Sheriff’s Office to Review Crisis Training for Deputies
By Casey Jaywork, Seattle Weekly – September 12, 2017

The Detective Who Pulled a Gun on a Motorcyclist Had a History of Road Rage Complaints
By Sydney Brownstone, the Stranger SLOG – September 6, 2017

VIDEO: Guy Pulls Over Motorcycle, Points Gun. Doesn’t Mention He’s a Cop
By Paige Browning – August 30, 2017

“I’m the Police”: Video Shows King County Sheriff’s Detective Pulling Gun on Motorcyclist During Traffic Stop.
By Sydney Brownstone, the Stranger SLOG – August 29, 2017

Watchdog Praises Sheriff’s Response to ‘Troubling’ Traffic Stop
By Casey Jaywork, Seattle Weekly – August 29, 2017

Sheriff Issues Apology After Video Shows Detective Pulling Gun on Motorcyclist During Stop
By KOMO News – August 29, 2017

Should Civilian-Led state agency investigate police shootings? 
By KIRO 7 - July 25, 2017

Create civilian-led state agency to investigate police shootings 
By Deborah Jacobs, King County OLEO - July 24, 2017

"There Is No Pain Like Losing My Son": Family of Tommy Le, Police Shooting Victim, Addresses Community Forum 
By Steven Hsieh, the Stranger SLOG - July 20, 2017

Family, Community Exhort Leaders to Find Justice for Tommy Le
By Daniel Person, Seattle Weekly – July 20, 2017

Community calls for justice for man fatally shot by deputy
By KIRO 7 – July 20, 2017

Public Hearing Held on Deputy’s Fatal Shooting of Burien Man
By U.S. News – July 20, 2017

Sheriff requests FBI investigate deputy's fatal shooting of Burien man
By KING 5 – July 19, 2017

Sheriff questioned over deputy’s fatal shooting of Burien man carrying a pen 
By Q13 – July 19, 2017

Brother of Burien deputy-shooting victim Tommy Le: “He wanted to make a positive change in the world”
By Paige Cornwell, Seattle Times – July 19, 2017

Man Killed By a King County Deputy Last Week Was Armed With A Pen 
By Daniel Person, Seattle Weekly - June 22, 2017

Jury: Deputies saw 'imminent threat' when confronting pregnant Native woman
By Amy Radil, KUOW - May 26, 2017 

Cop Pepper-Spraying Homeless Water Bottles ‘Probably Rose to a Criminal Level,’ Says Police Oversight Head
By Casey Jaywork, Seattle Weekly - May 10, 2017 

More citizen oversight of King County deputies clears major hurdle, but union talks loom 
By Steve Miletich, Seattle Times - April 18, 2017 

Pregnant mom calls for help, ends up killed by police. Her tribe wants answers 
By Amy Radil, KUOW -  Mar 21, 2017 

Oversight agency says its hands are tied on King County police-misconduct complaints 
By Lewis Kamb, Seattle Times - January 4, 2017

King County Connects - Deborah Jacobs
King County TV - July 11, 2016 

The Cop Reformer in Sheriff’s Office Clothing
By Casey Jaywork, Seattle Weekly - June 29, 2016

'It's a trust issue': New watchdog appointed for King County Sheriff
By Bill Radke & Andy Hurst, KUOW - Jun 17, 2016 | MP3 file

King County's Police Accountability Director's here from Ferguson, Mo.
By Amy Clancy, Kiro 7 -  Jun 16, 2016

New sheriff’s watchdog: ‘civil-liberties principles are entirely consistent with best police practices’
By Steve Miletich, Seattle Times - June 15, 2016 

King County Welcomes New Director of Police Oversight
By King County Council News - June 15, 2016

King County Sheriff's Oversight Struggles To Launch 
By Amy Radil, KUOW - Feb 21, 2016